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Weight watchers

15 Dec, 2021

On 1/5/2022, a new weight management program will be introduced at a discount for all active employees, their spouses/partners and dependents age 18 – 26. 


WW (formerly Weight Watchers) is a digital (app and web-based) weight management program that delivers weight loss programs for adults.

·      Personalized action plan based on how the participant answers the intake assessment

·      Trackers for tracking food and its points value, water, activity and sleep

·      Barcode scanner for looking up a food item’s nutritional information and its points value

·      WW recipes and meal planning tools

·      Online chat with a live WW coach available 24/7

·      WW members-only social media platform

·      Virtual fitness classes and other video content

·      WellnessWins program, under which participants receive points for daily tracking and weekly weigh-ins which can be redeemed for various items in the WellnessWins store*

·      Daily and weekly emails with tips, tricks, and recipes


Tentative communications for the promotion of WW are as follows:

    • Your Health Matters newsletter in early January 
    • Alight Connect to What Matters newsletter in February
    • Castlight promotion - 1/5/22
    • AT&T Benefits Center rotating tile – 1/5/22
    • Insider post in January
    • Home mailer the second week of January
    • WW Guide to employees in February
    • Alight Connect to What Matters newsletter in February


Finally, below is information relating to potential taxes that will be paid by the participant for the monthly subscription to the program and if he/she chooses to redeem points in the WellnessWins store.


  • AT&Ts WW Program Subsidy: Employees’ paychecks will be taxed monthly for the amount AT&T contributes to the monthly WW subscription
    • Current monthly subsidy: $7.36 per month per Program Participant
  • AT&T WellnessWins: Employee’s paychecks will be taxed following any time the Program Participant redeems points for an item in the store. The items fall into one of three tiers based on Fair Market Value. Employee paychecks will be taxed for the amount of the Fair Market Value assigned to the item selected on a subsequent paycheck:
    • Tier I item: $18 per item
    • Tier II items: $27 per item
    • Tier III items: $62 per item



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