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Uniform amendment

Please see the attached 3G3A for the 4th Step grievance B21-038-3603 settlement which requires the Company to offer shipment of BST Uniform Program items to a home address. Employees covered by the BST Uniform Program who elect to have uniforms shipped to their home address will be required to acknowledge responsibility for shipments that become lost/stolen. An exception to that responsibility will apply when the vendor is unable to provide delivery confirmation to the address indicated on the order form. 

As a result of this settlement, the Company will add the following disclaimer to the uniform vendor website:


If you elect to send this order to your home address, as indicated on the order form, as opposed to your AT&T work address, the shipping carrier will not require a signature for the delivery.


AT&T will not be liable for lost/stolen items after confirmation of delivery.  If the items are not delivered at the address indicated on the order form, employees have 30 days from the shipping notice to report the issue.


By clicking on the ‘I Accept’ box below, you accept full responsibility for shipping your order to your home address.