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Organizing Updates Around CWA - AT&T Mobility IHX

AT&T Mobility IHX

Last week, approximately 400 AT&T Mobility In-Home Experts (IHX) in South Texas joined CWA under the terms of the Voluntary Recognition and Neutrality Agreement with AT&T Mobility.

In-Home Experts are sales representatives who manage their own portfolio of customers and provide service demonstrations, answer questions, and troubleshoot issues directly with customers. These jobs can require considerable travel and unconventional work schedules. Workers cited a lack of work-life balance and little say in decision-making as reasons for joining the union.

The campaign was led by CWA District 6 District Organizing Coordinator Yolanda Anderson, with support from CWA District 6 Administrative Director of Organizing Nancy Barrios.

Congratulations to all the new members of our union!


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